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PC Services

PC Services gives you support above and beyond the CenturyLink support boundaries. Shown below are the additional services you will receive based on your subscription to CenturyLink @Ease.

CenturyLink @Ease
Standard $9.99/mo
Advanced $14.99/mo
Ultra $19.99/mo
Support Level
Level 0
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Enhanced Wireless Support (more details)
PC Tune-up and Optimization (more details)
Enhanced Windows Support (more details)
Enhanced Software Support (more details)
Peripheral Support (more details)
Malware/Virus Removal (more details)
Home Networking (more details)

-To get PC Services, order CenturyLink @Ease Standard, Advanced or Ultra.

-Choose from 3 Levels of enhanced computer support.

-To get support call 1-877-663-7658