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Setup Qwest.net Email on iPhone iPad iOS 4, 5

1. Select "Settings".

2. Select "Mail, Contacts, Calendars".

3. Select "Add Account".

4. Select "Other".

5. Select "Add Mail Account".

6. Enter the following:
  • 1. Your Name
  • 2. Email Address
  • 3. Your Password
  • 4. Email Address

7. Select "Save".

8. Select "POP".

9. Enter the following for the "Incoming Mail Server":
  • 1. Host Name: pop.mpls.qwest.net
  • 2. User Name: User Name*
  • 3. Password: Your Password
* If your email address is customer@qwest.net, username would be customer.
You can test your email address and password by signin into Webmail.

If you can't sign into webmail, Chat with Tech Support.

10. Scroll down to "Outgoing Mail Server".

11. Enter pop.mpls.qwest.net for the "Outgoing Mail Server".

12. Select "Next".

13. If you see this screen, select "Yes".

14. Select the Email account you just created.

15. Scroll down. Select "Advanced".

16. Enter the following:
  • Incoming Settings:
    • 1. Use SSL: OFF
    • 2. Server port: 110
    • 3. Delete from server: NEVER. This leaves a copy of email(s) on the server.
  • Outgoing Settings:
    • 4. Use SSL: OFF
    • 5. Server port: 587

17. Select your email address to save your settings.