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CenturyLink Modem Kit

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  How and when will I receive my modem kit from CenturyLink?
Your CenturyLink modem kit will be delivered by UPS the business day before or on the day your high-speed internet service is activated. If you normally must sign for UPS deliveries, then a signature will be required for delivery of your modem kit as well.
  What's included in the kit?
Your kit includes the following items:
  • CenturyLink modem - actual model may vary
  • Cables to connect the modem to your computer
  • Two in-line phone filters
  What are phone filters? Do I need to use them?
Phone filters, also known as microfilters, must be used with your CenturyLink™ High-Speed Internet service to ensure optimal performance. These filters eliminate the higher-end frequencies used for your high-speed access. When phone filters are not used, or not installed correctly, you'll experience static on your telephone line or slow/intermittent Internet connection. See our step-by-step tutorial on installing your filters.
  What if I need additional phone filters?
Go to the CenturyLink Chat page, and select Customer Service.
  Will my high-speed internet service interfere with my security system?
If you have a security system connected to the same phone line that will be used for your high-speed internet service, we recommend your CenturyLink High-Speed Internet service be installed by a trained CenturyLink Technician. You could also contact your security system company for assistance in connecting the filter to your security system. Your security company may charge you for assisting you in connecting the filter to the security system. In all cases, we recommend doing a test of your security system once your high-speed internet service is complete.