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Intel 2100 2200 Modem

Intel 2100 2200

Modem Compatibility

How can I tell if I have an Intel PRO/DSL 2100 or Intel PRO/DSL 2200 Modem?
Identify which modem you have.

What is the difference between the Intel PRO/DSL 2100 and Intel PRO/DSL 2200 modems?
The Intel PRO/DSL 2100 is an ADSL modem using the CAP transport method. The Intel PRO/DSL 2200 is an ADSL modem using the DMT transport method.

Why do I need to know which modem I have?
If you download and install the wrong software drivers, your modem will not function.

Intel 2100 and 2200 Driver Download

Before downloading the Intel 2100 or 2200 drivers, you must review and accept the terms of both the CenturyLink™ and Intel® License Agreements. CenturyLink assumes no liability for any loss or damage that results from your download or use of this software.

Intel 2100

Intel 2200