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Port Fowarding on Actiontec C1000A

What is this?
Port Forwarding allows port requests from the Public side (e.g., of the modem to be forwarded to a device on the Private side (e.g., of the modem.

Support for this function is available to CenturyLink business customers who purchased or lease their modems from CenturyLink. Support includes enabling the feature; it does not include configuring 3rd party devices. (ie: credit card machines, camera systems, computers, etc).

1. Open a web browser and go to

2. Login to your modem by doing the following:

3. Select "Advanced Setup".

4. Select "Port Forwarding".

5. Select a device, or manually enter an IP address.

6. Enter the following:
  • Starting Port
  • Ending Port

7. Select the Protocol.

8. Enter the remote port and IP information.

9. Select "Apply".