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   ZyXEL C1100Z Modem

Quick set up

Manual set up

If the automated set-up described in the video does not work, here are the basic documents to set-up your modem manually. If your set-up requires a PPP username and you forgot it, chat with tech support.

NOTE: If you have an ISP other than CenturyLink, please contact your ISP directly for support. If you are unsure how to contact your ISP, you can look them up using the Internet Service Provider List.

1 CenturyLink recommends the default modem set-up.
2 Support for this function is available to CenturyLink business customers who purchased or lease their modems from CenturyLink. Support includes enabling the feature; it does not include configuring 3rd party devices. (ie: credit card machines, camera systems, computers, etc).