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   Cisco DDR2200 Modem

Which set-up applies to you.

Modem FAQs

Q: Can I connect multiple Ethernet connections to my modem?
A: No, this modem has 1 Ethernet port on the back.

Q: Does my modem act as a firewall?
A: This modem provides security using a firewall and Network Address Translations (NAT), which acts as a barrier between your network and the Internet.

Q: Which Virtual Private Networking (VPN) protocols are supported?
A: This modem supports pass-through for IPSec, PPTP and L2TP.

Q: What is Modem Firmware?
A: Firmware is like an operating system that tells your modem how to operate. It provides the modem's hardware with operating rules, instructions, and logic.

Q: Why Should I Upgrade Firmware?
A: Firmware upgrades can add new features, improve performance and enhance the security of the modem's current firmware.

Q: When would I use WEP wireless security?
A: You would use WEP for wireless security when you have an older wireless adapter that is not WPA capable. If your wireless adapter is not WPA capable, check the manufacturer's website for updated firmware. Despite the flaws in WEP, it does provide some security, particularly when compared to no security at all.

Q: What can interfere with my modems wireless signal?
A: Your physical environment can have varying effects on how well you can connect using Wireless.