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Take a tour of your modem

There's a lot of technology built into that small box that gives you access to the web. This article will unlock the key points about all those ports, flickering lights, and sticker details found on the modem.

By the way, most CenturyLink modems will closely resemble the modem used in this article. However, keep in mind that your modem may vary slightly. Not to worry, we'll do our best to point out potential differences across modems.

The lights on the modem provide a quick way to tell if the Internet connection is having problems and what to do to fix it. Click on a light to learn about it. This article applies to newer CenturyLink modems.

Light State Example The Details
Power Solid Green
The power light will turn solid green after the modem tests it's own hardware and software.

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DSL Solid Green
The DSL light will turn solid green after the modem detects and connects to CenturyLink's equipment.

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Internet Solid/Blinking Green
The Internet light will turn green when your modem is on the Internet.

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Ethernet Solid/Blinking Green
The Ethernet light(s) will blink green when your modem is 'talking' to the device connected to the other end of the Ethernet cable.

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Solid/Blinking Green
The wireless light will blink green when your modem is 'talking' to the wireless devices on your network.

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WPS Solid Green
The WPS button allows you to connect wireless devices to your modem by pushing a button and not having to enter the SSID/passphrase.

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