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NAT on the ZyXEL Q1000Z

NOTE: CenturyLink recommends that you keep NAT enabled. Disabling NAT will reset some of the other settings on the modem. Do not proceed without understanding the technical impacts of changing this feature.

WARNING: Please do not disable NAT unless instructed to do so by your ISP. Turning off NAT will open your modem to outside intrusion, creating a security risk.

Users with static IP blocks: Do not disable NAT. Use the document titled "Setup Static Block" and your modem will allocate your Static IP's via the DHCP server.

1. If you understand the risks of changing this feature, open a web browser and go to

2. Select "Advanced Setup".

3. Select "NAT".

4. Select "Enable" or "Disable".

5. Click "Apply" to save your changes.