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Westell 7500 Multiple Static IP Setup

1. Open a web browser and go to or

2. Select the "Advanced" tab.

3. Select the "WAN". Select "VC".

4. Select "Edit" on the first connection.

5. Enter the following settings:
  • VPI = 8
  • VCI = 35
  • QoS = UBR
  • Protocol = Bridged
  • Mode = Routed Bridge
  • DHCP Client = Disable
  • IP Address = the first IP address in the static range the customer has been assigned
  • Subnet Mask = Assigned Subnet Mask
  • Gateway = Assigned Gateway
  • DNS Primary = DNS for the customers area
  • DNS Secondary = DNS
  • Proxy ARP = Disable
6. Select "set VC". Select "OK".

7. Select "Advanced". Select "WAN". Select "Public LAN".

8. Do the following:
  • Check the box next to "Public LAN enable"
  • Enter the "Public LAN IP Address"
  • Enter the "Public LAN Subnet Mask"
9. Select "Save". Select "OK".