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Static IP Setup for ZyXEL 660R

1. Connect the cables to DSL modem as described in the Initial Modem Setup for ZyXEL 660R.

2. Open a web browser and go to

3. If you get the login screen for the modem, the modem's default password is (1234). Select "Login".

4. If you are asked to change the default password. Select "Ignore".

5. Select "Wizard Setup".

6. Verify the following:
  • Mode - Routing
  • Encapsulation - ENET ENCAP
  • Multiplexing - LLC
  • DHCP, Virtual Circuit ID - VPI : 8 VCI : 35
  • Madison River, Virtual Circuit ID - VPI : 0 VCI : 35
7. Select "Next".

8. Select "Static IP Address ". Enter the following information:
  • IP Address = Customer IP
  • Subnet Mask = Assigned Subnet Mask
  • Gateway = Assigned Gateway

9. Select "Next".

10. Select "Save Settings".

11. Select "Main Menu". Under the Advanced Setup, select "LAN".

12. Under Primary DNS Server and Secondary DNS Server, enter the information provided by Technical Support.

13. Select "Apply".

14. If you see a screen that says, "If the IP address in TCP/IP if changed, please close the window". Select "OK".