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SPAM Controls CenturyLink Online Security v8

CenturyLink Online Security (by F-Secure) is no longer available for download.
Depending on which subscription you choose, CenturyLink @Ease gives you access to Norton Security.

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  How can I change Spam Control settings?
To access Spam control settings, please click the advanced link of the main user interface. This will open the advanced settings screen. Click on the Spam control link on the left side menu to open the tree structure. In order to view or configure allowed or denied senders, click on the corresponding link on the left. New allowed or denied e-mail recipients can be added by using the add button. For further instructions please click the help button on the bottom left corner of your CenturyLink™ Online Security window.
  How do I allow or deny e-mail coming from a certain address?
To allow e-mails from a certain address or a domain, go to advanced settings and choose allowed addresses on the left hand side of the spam control menu. If you want to allow e-mails from certain domains, add '*' as the wildcard indicating any address in the certain domain, then add the rest of the address after @ sign.
Example; *, on the allow list, this would allow all e-mails coming from the F-Secure domain.