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Service FAQ'sCenturyLink provides a variety of FAQ's based on CenturyLink High-Speed Internet routers and service. The table below provides some of our most popular FAQ's to answer your questions. More FAQ's can be found on the CenturyLink website.

Service FAQ's

Question Answer
Is my modem a router? Yes, all CenturyLink provided modems are full featured routers. The only limit to hooking up multiple devices is the number of physical interfaces. With any CenturyLink modem, you can hook up a multiple port Ethernet switch to the modem Ethernet port expanding the number of Ethernet devices.
Will my modem support a gaming console? Yes, you can connect a X-box 360,Wii, or Playstation 3 to your CenturyLink modem. You can connect the gaming console via Ethernet or wireless depending on the interface supported in the console.
How do I open a port for a specific application? To open or "port forward" a port for games or other applications to a device on your LAN, use the Applications or port forwarding feature. The applications feature allows you to forward ports by application type while the port forwarding feature allows you to configure the ports on a port and IP basis.
Does my modem support a single static IP? Yes, your CenturyLink modem will support a single static IP address. To configure a single static IP address, select the advanced setup tab then the WAN IP page in the left navigation pane.
Does my modem have a firewall? Yes, your modem does include an onboard firewall. The firewall can be configured by selecting the advanced setup tab, then the firewall page in the left hand navigation pane. CenturyLink does recommend using an onboard PC firewall as well.
Where do I find my PPP username and PPP password? Your PPP username can be found by selecting the modem status tab. The connection status page includes the PPP username. The PPP password can only be obtained by calling CenturyLink.
Can I boost the strength of my wireless signal? Yes, most of the wireless routers CenturyLink provides do provide the ability to boost the strength of the wireless signal. Select the wireless setup table then radio settings to boost the strength of your signal.
Where can I find my default wireless settings? Modems that have wireless built in will include a sticker on the bottom of the modem with the default wireless settings. Some older CenturyLink wireless modems do not have the sticker.
Why does my Internet light flash? The Internet light flashes indicating traffic from the modem to the Internet. For detailed light information, please click on the modem lights page in the left navigation pane.
Why does my Internet Service Provider (ISP) status show WALLED GARDEN? The Internet Service Provider status will show walled garden when your modem is authenticated with a set of generic PPP credentials. The PPP username shown on the connection status page will be connect@CenturyLink.com. The Modem Internet light will also be amber. When the modem is in the walled garden you will not be able to surf the Internet. Call CenturyLink to have your PPP credentials reprogrammed into the modem.
What are filters? The filters provided with your modem kit separate the phone signal from your High-Speed Internet signal on the phone line. All devices connected to a phone line with High-Speed Internet require a filter. Devices include phones, modems, fax machines, satellite receivers, and any other type of device connected to the line.
What does the reset button do? The reset button will reboot the modem if held in for less than 10 seconds. If the reset button is held in for 10 seconds or more, the power light will turn amber and the modem will be reset to CenturyLink factory default settings. Do not use the reset button unless instructed by a support representative.
What is the second port on the back labeled "phone" for? The port on the back of the modem labeled "phone" is a phone port. The phone port is a pre-filtered port used to connect a phone. With the filter built in an external filter from your installation kit is not needed for this port.
Why is my power light red. A constant red power light on the modem indicates a modem hardware failure. During bootup it is normal for the power light to turn red indicating the modem is performing a hardware test. For more information on the modem power light, please visit the modem lights page.
Does power cycling the modem really help? Yes, when the modem is power cycled the memory buffers are cleaned out refreshing the modems performance. Memory management is built into the modem. Power cycling the modem is only necessary if experiencing a modem problem.
How do I tell my connection speed? Your connection speed is provided on every page of the modem GUI. The box labeled connection status below the left navigation pane shows your connection speed.
Is my connection speed and throughput speed different? Yes, your connection speed is the speed the modem is connected to CenturyLink. Throughput speed is the actual throughput speed you are receiving on the Internet. Throughput speed is normally about 80% to 85% of the connection speed. Visit speedtest.CenturyLink.net to test your throughput speed.