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1. Before you run the 'Speed Test'

To get the most accurate test results:

2. What to expect with the 'Speed Test'

Your target download for a wired Ethernet connection will be 80% of your purchased speed. 20% of the bandwidth is reserved for overhead and routing your data packets over the network. Here are some examples, this list is not all inclusive.
Purchased Speed* Target Speed^
1.5 Mbps 1.2 Mbps
3 Mbps 2.4 Mbps
4 Mbps 3.2 Mbps
5 Mbps 4 Mbps
6 Mbps 4.8 Mbps
7 Mbps 5.6 Mbps
10 Mbps 8 Mbps
12 Mbps 9.6 Mbps
20 Mbps 16 Mbps
40 Mbps 32 Mbps
1 Gbps 800 Mbps
Purchased Speed* Target Speed^
896 kbps 716 kbps
3 Mbps 2.4 Mbps
5 Mbps 4 Mbps
20 Mbps 16 Mbps
* Not all speeds are available in all areas.
^ Tests run over a Wi-Fi connection may not represent your full broadband connection speeds. Learn about factors that can affect your Wi-Fi connection speeds.

3. Run the 'Speed Test'

4. Fixing Slow Speeds

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