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Support Boundaries

CenturyLink is committed to outstanding customer service. Our support team can provide technical support based on the boundaries below.


Go to the modem compatibility table to view the support levels for modems.

Operating System Level
Windows® 10 2
Windows® 8 2
Windows® 7 2
Windows® Vista 2
Macintosh® OS 10.6 - 10.9 2
Windows XP support has ended 1
Other Operating Systems 1

Web Browser Level
IE 9,10,11 2
Mozilla Firefox 2
Safari 2
Google Chrome 2
Microsoft Edge 1
Opera 1
Other Browsers 1

Category Level
CenturyLink Wireless Adapters 3
CenturyLink Modems/Routers 2
TCP/IP Issues 1
File and Printer Sharing 1
Other Wireless Adapters 1
Other Wireless Routers/Routers/Hubs/Switches 1
Everything Else 1

Web Publishing Level settings only - Microsoft® FrontPage 2 only - FTP Test with DOS 2
Other Products/Functions 1

Software Level
Norton™ AntiVirus 3
Norton™ Internet Security 2 3
Norton™ 360 2 3
Other Anti-Virus/Firewall Applications 1
Parental Controls 1
Spam Filtering 1
Other Software 1

2 Available with upgraded CenturyLink @Ease levels.

CenturyLink1 diagnoses its own equipment and systems to assure the internet service and your account are set up and active in the CenturyLink systems. CenturyLink provides account related configuration settings. When possible, CenturyLink will provide self help resources to assist you in additional troubleshooting.
CenturyLink works with you to diagnose, and to the extent possible, resolve the trouble you're experiencing with applications and components that you use along with your CenturyLink service.
CenturyLink works with you to resolve technical problems with your CenturyLink High-Speed Internet service and/or those related to CenturyLink as your Internet Service Provider (ISP). All reasonable efforts are made to find a resolution. For advanced features and settings on CenturyLink provided modems, we will help you locate the settings in the modem. Advanced setting are not supported.

Unsupported Items

1 Despite our efforts, it may be necessary for you to obtain additional technical support, such as your computer equipment manufacturer, a network administrator or other an Information Technology (IT) professional. Learn more about Unsupported Items.

Get More Support

Get support beyond the normal support boundaries. Upgraded CenturyLink @ Ease subscribers (standard, advanced and ultra) get enhanced support for: Operating Systems, Software, PC tune-ups, PC repair/replacement, Wireless Support, Lifetime Modem Warranty and more.