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How your "devices" affects your Internet experience.

1. A device is anything that is connected to your network. A device can be a any device than can access the internet like a computer, gaming system, web enabled camera, DVRs, TV's, routers, VoIP phones, wireless printers, smart phones, Android, iPhone, iPad, Smarthome, Roku, Apple TV or Chomrecast.

2. Shutting down other programs while streaming videos from the Internet frees up additional resources on your computer. If you have a several browser windows and/or programs running on your device, this can affect your video experience.

3. Your browser plays a big part in your video experience. Make sure your browser and web plug-ins [Java, Adobe Flash and Silverlight] are updated. You can use a 3rd party website to do a browser check.

4. Your device health is also an important part of your video experience. Here are some tips:
  • Deleting browsing history and deleting cookies. To see how to do this, go to the browsers section, select your browser and follow the instructions for 'deleting browsing history' and 'deleting cookies'.
  • Scan your computer for malware using security software that is current and up to date. Malware can cause problems with your browser and/or Internet connection, making it more difficult to view video.