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It's time to use the WPS button to connect to your wireless modem.

Push the WPS button
Press the WPS button on the front of your modem once. The WPS button will flash orange letting you know it is ready to accept WPS connection attempts.

The WPS light will flash until a WPS connection is successfully made. Try connecting your device with in 2 minutes.
Connect your device
Connect your device to your wireless network using WPS. To see how it's done, select an operating system below.

Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows Vista
Android 4 and higher
Troubleshooting WPS
If you are having trouble connecting your device to your wireless network using WPS:
  • Make sure you are using an operating system that supports WPS: Window 8, 7, Vista or Android 4.0 and higher
  • Wait up to 2 minutes for the connection to be made.
  • Power cycle your modem and try again.
  • more wireless troubleshooting.

WPS Alternative