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Are you using a CenturyLink modem that has built in wireless?

What equipment are you using?
If you have a CenturyLink modem that doesn't have build in wireless, you can chat with customer service to lease/purchase equipment that has been tested and approved on the CenturyLink network.
non CenturyLink
If you are using using a non-CenturyLink wireless router like an AirPort, D-Link, Zoom or Linksys locate the Network Name/SSID and Key/Passphrase by:
  • using the set-up guide that came with the equipment or
  • locating the set-up guide on the manufactures website.
After you have located the Network Name/SSID and Key/Passphrase you are ready to connect your devices to Wi-Fi.
I don't know
Go to the modem compatibility table and if the WiFi Column has:
  • No. Come back to this page and select No.
  • B, G, N. Come back to this page and select Yes.
If you have a newer CenturyLink modem, you can watch the video: Connecting Devices to Your Wireless Network