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Can't connect to my Wireless connection

Having trouble connecting to your wireless connection? Try these tricks!

Area of Concern
After entering the "Key/PassPhrase" you get an error: 'The connection was unsuccessful'
If you get this error when trying to add new devices try: If you get this error on one or two devices, it may be caused by the device not being compatible with the modems security type. Some Wi-Fi devices require updated drivers to work with newer Wi-Fi security types like WPA. If you have updated the drivers for your wireless device and are still having problems, try:
Modem Performance
Sometimes your modem gets confused and needs some help. This is the easiest and quickest fix: If you continue to have problems: Still having problems?
Device Performance
Restarting your device can fix problems with software, memory and slow Internet. HowToGeek has a great article on why restarting your computer helps.
The Key/Passphrase is not working
Try one of three ways to connect to Wi-Fi: If you are still having trouble connecting, remove/forget saved wireless networks on your device and try reconnecting using the steps above:
You are connecting some else's wireless network (SSID).
You can connect to your modem by:
Wireless stops working after your computer hibernates.
Power saver settings increase battery life by reducing or turning off power to devices like wireless adapters. Try changing your power setting to 'Always On' or 'High Performance'.
  • Windows 8, 10: Hold down the "Windows Key" + R at the same time. Type powercfg.cpl. Select "OK". Select "High Performance".
  • Windows 7: Select "start". Select "search". Type powercfg.cpl. Select "OK". Select "High Performance".
  • Windows Vista: Select "start". Select "search". Type powercfg.cpl. Select "OK". Select "High Performance".
  • Windows XP: Select "start". Select "run". Type powercfg.cpl. Select "OK". Select "Always On".
  • Macintosh OSX: Select "Apple". Select "System Preferences". Select "Energy Saver". Select "Power Adapter" tab. Check "Wake for Airport network access".

Your wireless device is set-up incorrectly. Try again.

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Check your area for service outages

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