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CenturyLink Wireless set-up and support

What would you like help with?

Whether it's a 1st time set-up, or your connecting more devices, start here.

Improve Wi-Fi speeds, resolve can't connect and dropped connections.

Connect Windows, Macintosh, iOS, Android, PS4, Xbox ONE, and other devices to Wi-Fi .

Find drivers and instructions for CenturyLink purchased wireless adapters.

Turn it On
Sometimes the wireless on your laptop or modem gets turned off, find out how to turn W-Fi on.

Wi-Fi Topics
Quickly identify and fix issues. Determine if a problem is just in your home or is area wide. Create, manage or cancel repair requests.

Service Troubleshooter
Wireless support is a self-help feature. Wi-Fi Support Upgrades are available and include enhanced support, PC tune-ups and more.

Wi-Fi Upgrade