CenturyLink? Modem Configuration Technicolor C2000T




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Utility FeaturesCenturyLink provides a wide variety of features in CenturyLink High-Speed Internet Routers. The table below provides a brief explanation of the features found under the Utilities tab.


Feature Definition
Reboot Rebooting the modem restarts all modem systems refreshing all connections and memory usage.
Restore Default Settings Restore Default Settings provides 4 restore points for your modem. If restore modem to factory default is selected, the modem will be restored to the original configuration provided by CenturyLink.
Upgrade Firmware Upgrade Firmware allows you to manually upgrade the firmware on your router to the latest CenturyLink approved firmware release.
Ping Test Test your internet connectivity to a specific host using the ping test.
Traceroute Traceroute is used to determine the route taken by packets across a network.
Speed Test Speed Test tests the throughput speed of your Internet connection.
Configuration Save Configuration Backup allows you to save a modem configuration file to your PC. The configuration backup file can be used to re-program your modem at a later date if a factory reset of the device is required.
Web Activity Log Web Activity Log provides a comprehensive list of websites visited from your CenturyLink High-Speed Internet modem. The list will provide the LAN device that visited the website.
Time Zone Time Zone allows you to select your home time zone. If the time zone is selected, the modem will display the correct time automatically.