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Connection Status


40127/5064 Kbps


40127/5064 Kbps

Internet Status

HPNA Status

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HPNA Port Status
HPNA Port Connection Speed Packets Sent Packets Received
hpna0 200M 213886 205380
HPNA Client List
Device Name MAC Address HPNA Version Packets Sent Packets Received
MASTER UNIT a4:b1:e9:28:13:8f CG3210H 1.9.4 213886 205380
HPNA Link Status
Parameter Status
HPNA Device:
HPNA MAC Address: a4:b1:e9:28:13:8e
Role: Master Unit
HPNA Interface Version: CG3210H 1.9.4
Real Time Packets Rx: 205380
Real Time Packets Tx: 213886
Unicast Packets Rx: 205380
Unicast Packets Tx: 205122
Multicast Packets Rx: 0
Multicast Packets Tx: 790
Broadcast Packets Rx: 0
Broadcast Packets Tx: 7974
Packets Dropped Rx: 0
Packets Dropped Tx: 8506
Uncorrected Packets (CRC) Rx: 0
Uncorrected Packets (CRC) Tx: 0
FIFO Error Rx: 0
FIFO Error Tx: 0
Short (Runts) Rx: 0
Long (Oversized) Rx: 0
Framing Errors Rx: 0
Jabber Frames Rx: 0
Fragmented Frames Rx: 0
Code Violations Rx: 0
Total Bytes Rx: 15150574
Total Bytes Tx: 16089366
Rx Bit Rate: 46.759 Kbps
Tx Bit Rate: 49.347 Kbps
HPNA Link Uptime: 0 Days, 0H:37M:40S

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