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Connection Status


40127/5064 Kbps


40127/5064 Kbps

Internet Status

Internet Status Internet Status reflects the status of the ISPconnection. The Internet light on the front of the router provides a visual indicator of the Internet connection.

Internet Status

Connection Status
Internet Connection: CONNECTED

Internet Settings

Internet Setting Status
WAN Protocol: IPoE
User Name: N/A
LCP State: N/A
IPCP State: N/A
Authentication Failures: N/A
Session Time: 0 Days, 00H:36M:00S
Packets Sent: 37572
Packets Received: 48815
Modem Uptime: 0 Days, 00H:37M:36S
MTU Size: 1492
MSS Size: 1452
TCP Connection: 0
RWIN Size: 5808

IPv4 Addressing

IPv4 Parameter Status
Modem IPv4 Address:
Modem IPv4 Subnet Mask:
DNS Address #1:
DNS Address #2:
Remote Gateway Address:
NTP Server: N/A (modem not trained or authenticated)
IPv4 Packets Sent: 18241
IPv4 Packets Received: 48660
IPv4 Link Uptime: 0 Days, 00H:36M:00S

IPv6 Addressing

IPv6 Parameter Status
IPv6 6rd Tunnel Status: NOT CONNECTED
Modem IPv6 Address: N/A
IPv6 Default Gateway: N/A
IPv6 Delegated Prefix: N/A
IPv6 Calculated Prefix: N/A
IPv6 Subnet: 0
IPv6 Link Local Address: N/A
DNSv6 Address #1: N/A
DNSv6 Address #2: N/A
IPv6 Packets Sent: 0
IPv6 Packets Received: 0
IPv6 Link Uptime: 0 Days, 00H:00M:00S

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